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Smallmouth Bass Pandaemonium - Lake of
the Woods 2014

Ohhhhhhh Baby...The Smallmouth were out and
about on this Lake of the Woods adventure.
Will you be along for the next adventure?
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Veterinarian Job Description - Simply
What Does A Veterinarian Do?

Usually the job in the animal doctor is sort
of just like what physician, the difference
is while the doctor focuses primarily on
working with people, veterinarians just
concentrate on animals. The duties and
necessary a veterinarian vary greatly,
determined by the size of the employer as
well as the work environment. For example, if
your veterinarian is employed by a private
clinic or owns one, the real key ought to
deal with all the administrative and clerical
areas of running this kind of business. For
the other hand, the medical tasks involve
perfoming vaccinations and surgeries, provide
health and wellness care services, prescribe
and administer vaccinations and even
accomplish euthanasia when hospital treatment
is ineffective.
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Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman Minnesota
Fishing Opener 2014

Fishing with family is just plain old fun.
Here's only a few minutes of our few hour
adventure we had on Saturday afternoon.
Rocky was bounding with joy to be along on
this Walleye Adventure, and the Walleyes were
snappin...Ohhhhhhh Baby!/nHappy Fishing and
God Bless
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Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman April 2014
- Ontario Whitefish

Welcome back to this April 2014 edition of
the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. This month
has flown by, and seems that time truly flies
when you're having fun. We would like to
thank all the people that made our winter and
spring so enjoyable. It's truly because of
you that we get this life...we are so
blessed./nIn this edition you'll see an early
April Ice Fishing adventure up to the
Canadian side of Lake of the Woods, while we
search for Lake Trout and Whitefish...yummy
yummy. The adventures seem to never stop and
the we keep making the best of the situations
we face...Northern Pike Tip Up Fishing,
Snowmobiling, Shed Hunting, Walleye Fishing
and Sturgeon Fishing have all been on the
docket. /nDon't miss out in finding what it's
all about on the Walleye Capital of the World
baby, Lake of the Woods./nHappy Fishing and
God Bless./nLake of the Woods Outdoorsman
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Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman March 2014
- Monster MN Pike

Welcome back to this March 2014 edition of
the Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. Thank you
for all whom have had the opportunity to come
stay and fish with us this winter in the LOTW
Outdoorsman Sleeper Ice Houses./nThe cold
weather the past month has kept us very busy
in God's Country, we're almost done...this
must be a praise for many. With being so
busy I was only able to get out on a few
adventures, which you're going to see right
now. /nThe next few weeks might be up in the
air for Spring Rainy River fishing out of
Birchdale,'s still been very cold and
as of today there's 30 inches of ice in
Birchdale. The Gaps' will start to heat up
the next few weeks as we come to end of the
Walleye fishing season. You might see me on
a sled out in one of the Gaps' if you find
yourselves on a Lake of the Woods adventure.
/nHappy Fishing and God Bless.../nLake of the
Woods Outdoorsman
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Amazing Jumping Cat Funny
Amazing Jumping Cat Funny
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Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman February

Welcome back to this February edition of the
Lake of the Woods Outdoorsman. Thank you to
everyone that makes this all possible.
/nEven though I've seen enough snow to last
me a few more years, we've still been having
a pretty consistent bite in the 34-36' range
out on the lake off the ice roads. There's
been an afternoon bite in the 23-29' range
just on the lake side of Pine Island. I
personally haven't found a difference between
the frozen Shiners and Chubbs, but everyone
has their own preference. Don't leave home
without your Glow Pink and two
favorite lures this past month have to be the
Clam Blade Spoon and the Tom's Tackle
CoopDuster, hands down./nWe only have a
couple weeks left, don't wait, if you want to
fish Lake of the Woods and don't have
accommodations and would like to try out our
sleeper ice houses, checkout for all the
reservation information./nHappy Fishing and
God Bless!/nLake of the Woods Outdoorsman
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Late ice GTG igloo!
We had another successfull GTG in South
central MN on Saturday, and the kids decided
to make an igloo during our lunch break!
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Spring Giants - Spring Bass Fishing Tips
Early spring, March thru early April, has
produced four fish from 6 to 6 3/4 Lbs, two 7
lbers and an 8 lber, along with two dozen
fish over 4 lbs. Some of the trips have been
shortened by high winds during prime bite
windows for giant spring bass. Watch as 7 big
fish escape during 25 to 40 mph wind
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Lake of the Woods ice fishing for

Ice fishing for walleyes on Lake of the Woods
in a SnoBear, winter 2014
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Early Migration Route Bass with Brett

Zoning Early Spring Pre-Spawners, As They
Filter In From Main Lake Basin's In
Preparation For The Initial Stage on
Underwater Off-Shore Humps and Ledges. This
2013 Spring Produced 11 fish From 6 to 7.3
Lbs and an 8 Lber, Along With 31 Fish Over 5
Lbs. and a good Numbers Of 4 to 5 Lb Fish.
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I believe this a Towee?
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State Record Northern Pike Release -
Jake Rodiek

Jake Rodiek caught and released what is
almost certainly the state record Northern
Pike in the Nebraska Sandhills on January 28,
2014. This fish measured 45" long and had a
27.5" girth. That works out to about a 33 or
34 pound fish, which would beat the current
record by three or four pounds! What he chose
to do with this fish of a lifetime is what
matters most - he released it./nPreserving
the best genetics makes more big fish in the
future - big fish make big fish just like big
people make big people. It also guarantees
that the fish is still out there swimming to
be the fish of legends for someone else, and
who knows? Maybe Jake will encounter it when
it's a pound bigger one day./nThe image shown
at the end of the video has been edited to
protect the anonymity of the location where
the fish was caught. The image of the fish
itself and the image of Jake were not edited
in any way./nFor more on being a steward of
our waters, visit
more on the Recycled Fish "On Ice" Tour visit
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Jewels fishing adventure
Just a clip to add to my story
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got the bass!
underwater camera footage of a bass that
snuck in and was eating the bodys of the
minnows after we dropped them
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trout fishing in rochester
Buddy and I were out trout fishing this
morning great day fishing!
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Shallow Water Rattle Bait Walleyes - Ice
Fishing Devils Lake

This was filmed on a part of the northwestern
region of Devils Lake referred to as Lake
Irvine near the town of Churches Ferry.
Jason Mitchell Outdoors - Season 14 - Episode
1 - Host Jason Mitchell and Ice Team Pro Jeff
Andersen showcase an intense reaction bite
for walleyes in shallow water on North
Dakota's Devils Lake. The anglers
aggressively work Salmo Zippers and share
some techniques on how to score walleyes with
rattle baits.
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Ice Fishing: Mille Lacs Lake Mud Flat

Watch as Ice Team pro Matt Johnson
demonstrates a technique to catch big
walleyes that are using a big mud flat out on
Mille Lacs in MN. Same technique could
certainly be used in a similar type of
structure on any lake across the ice belt to
trigger those big walleyes!
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ICE TEAM: Multi-species Adventure
Ice Team Pros travel to Wisconsin to spend
some time targeting a mixed bag of fish and
share some important and exciting tips!
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Blended Star Trails
Blended clips to give Star Trails
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