My Baby is Super Congested //
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If your baby has a stuffy nose or is congested, they may appear to be breathing faster than normal. But babies tend to breathe pretty fast already. On average, babies take 40 breaths per minute. Several issues can lead to a congested baby. “Some newborns get congested simply because their nasal passages are so tiny that a little bit of mucus, irritation from things in the air, or even a little bit of breast milk they spit up and. If your baby sounds congested, it’s important to narrow down the potential causes. Seeking professional medical advice from a doctor or nurse should always be your first line of defense. But knowing what causes infant congestion and learning some ways to ease your baby's suffering can. Baby is SUPER congested.what can I do??: LO has a cold and is really really stuffed up. He can barely breath through his nose and I feel so bad for him.any suggestions on how to help him breath easier? He also has a bit of a. It is likely that your baby still has some amniotic fluids they are trying to expel. How To Relieve Nasal Congestion The moment you notice your baby is a little congested, you probably begin wondering what you can do to help.

Seeing your little one congested with breaths that sound like wheezing is always scary for parents, especially the first timers. It is in no way unusual phenomena and will happen multiple times over the course of your baby’s growing up due to various reasons: allergies, cold, slight irritation, etc. 2008/01/07 · My poor little 6 month old daughter is SUPER congested. She can't breathe through her nose, so we wipe it, use saline spray can only get away w/ that so much in 1 day, use the bulb syringe, have a cold air humidifier.

Causes of a Baby Stuffy Nose at Night There are so many reasons for your baby's nasal congestion. Before we talk to you about the common reasons why our little ones suffer from nasal congestion, we have to really know the normal. My daughter is 4 months old and has been congested since her arrival. I was so concerned in the first few weeks, but was told by the doc it was a common thing. They checked her oxygen normal and the doc listened to my baby. Ease your baby's congestion with these simple home remedies for a cold and stuffy nose. Believe it or not, a runny nose can be a good thing. It's the body's way of getting rid of germs. But when.

I was wondering if anyone else’s LO is congested? My DD is 8 weeks and at 5 weeks started getting congested and sneezing more. It turns out she caught a cold and was running a small fever. Her fever is gone now, but she is still so congested and sneezes pretty often. I do saline spray and use the nose.

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