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2016/01/29 · If some one bleeds a lot into the sore or if a lot of body fluids get into the cut from an infected person then you could possibly get it. You're not going to get HIV from a toilet. It doesn't survive for long periods of time on objects. After I drank my drink I realized that I have a cut on my lip.Is there anyway of possible infection.Hi doc, I'm a little concerned about a friend of mine who is HIV positive. extensive research and there have been no cases of HIV being transmitted through kissing unless serious cuts. but she was biting my lip.

2016/01/17 · Yes, it's possible. HIV is spread by sharing bodily fluids. This could be if you were having oral sex. However, please note that there is a great amount of scientific research indicating that HIV is not spread through saliva i. Question Posted by: Matt 2017/10/07 Q. Hiv from kissing small cut on lip. Hi I French kissed a lady yesterday who told me after she has hiv. Had a small skin cut on my lip. Went to see a doctor. We did that a few times throughout the night. At some point while kissing, she said something along the lines of "wait i think i cut my lip", which I don't know how it happened. I quickly examined her lip. a psoriasis flare-up on my scrotum.I had noticed two small cracks/tears in the skin earlier that day. How much of a risk do those small cuts present? I have talking of course of HIV. went down on her either via the cut on my lip or the canker sore in my mouth? on my lip or the canker sore in my mouth?

But reality was, I actually bited on her bottom lip and it was bleeding at the time. I was told this the next day. At the time of kissing her, I don't think I have any open cut in my mouth. However, when I got home about 20 minutes. 2020/02/06 · How to Treat a Cut Lip. A cut on the lip can be a painful ordeal. If not treated properly, it can jump from an irritation to a major infection, especially if dirt and other foreign particles get lodged into the wound and the wound. Question Posted by: Jack 2017/10/06 Q. Can I be infected with hiv through a cut on my hand? Hi There, I am a young male from Australia. A few weeks ago I was at a strip club. Later in the night. Ways that HIV is not transmitted Guides Ways that HIV is not transmitted HIV is not transmitted by day-to-day activities or by contact with objects, food or clothes. The following list includes just a few examples of questions we get. HIV from semen or breast milk can bind to and infect the cells lining the mouth and the tonsils, according to two test tube studies published on 1st December in The Journal of Infectious Diseases and The Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. One study also shows that low concentrations of alcohol can enhance the ability of the virus to infect mouth cells.

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